Nude 3 Fine Art Print

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Fine Art Print (Giclee) of 'Nude 3'.

Paper: 225gsm Smooth

Print: Giclee

Size: 20x20cm

All prints are signed.



I’ve always enjoyed looking at the human body. I like the functionality of it and I honestly consider it one of the greatest designs out there. I also love the fact that all the mechanism is covered in a smooth, soft layer of skin and what works like a machine, looks so warm and familiar. 

I like painting nudes in watercolour and I created this series of prints to capture the beauty of a human body as it is, coming in many forms and sizes. 

Having a long history of eating disorders, I find it comforting to paint the body as I see it, without analysing or judging it. It is what it is, and it’s always an interesting form.